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Brand & Style Guidelines
Brand Colors

RI Deep Blue is the main brand color and should be used in whatever you share about RemoteInclusive. RI Deep Blue can be used with any other brand color to add dimension, depth, and contrast.

RI Deep BlueBackgrounds, Foregrounds#0073de
RI Light BlueTypography#aad2f8
RI Dark BlueFills, background#0063B1
RI MagentaFills, foreground#EA005E
RI PinkFills, contrast, depth#E3008C
RI Light PurpleSubtitles, Alternative Typography#ccaaff
RI Light GreyTitles, Typography#d7e1e6
RI Dark GreyBackgrounds#292929
Logos and Images

Logo 180x180 PNG

logo 180x180

Logo SVG

logo 180x180

Header / Branding Image

header and branding